Nowadays, a cheap discount tablet pc can be an essential device allowing you to use the internet. Remember, the internet is becoming an essential part of your life. Web surfing is impossible without a reliable web browser. If you want to experience the personal, smart, and fast web, you will need the best browser. Fortunately, Firefox is an independent browser with lots of intelligent features. It can empower your mind and increase your satisfaction with fantastic security. Your Android device needs this browser. See the best uses of a Firefox browser for your tablet.

Get the Advantage of Theme and Extensions

Firefox is a secure browser you can customize with the help of themes, plugins, and extensions. You can use these features to alter the appearance and function of your browser as per your needs. With an Add-ons library, you can access over 500 themes and 6,000 features. 

Extensions allow you to perform almost everything, such as access to Facebook from a toolbar. It is possible to access all these features even with a tablet. With its help, you can keep an eye on breaking news, Gmail, website elements, and different other features.

Security of Tablet PC

For maximum protection, you will need Firefox and its features. It is introducing new security features to protect you from viruses, common exploits, and phishing schemes. The browser features pop-up blockers along with robust authentication protocols to prevent attackers. They don’t run unauthorized code when you are using this browser. Moreover, security is becoming better with FlashBlock and NoScript extensions.           

Best Add-ons for Firefox

If you want to increase the efficiency of Firefox on the cheap discount tablet pcyou will need the best add-ons.

Dark Reader

It is a famous extension to enable dark mode on all websites. This tool can be elaborate or simple as per your needs. Feel free to turn this mode on and change the background of any website. With different options for this add-on, it is possible to fine-tune the details of a theme. Switch through several themes or create a specific theme.

Simple Gesture

It is a must-have add-on for your Firefox browser. Make sure to download it on cheap discount tablet pcWith this app, it is possible to configure a directional gesture for everyday tasks. For instance, one right swipe can take you forward, and a left swipe will send you back to a previous page.

A simple gesture allows you to combine swipes in different directions. For instance, you can swipe left, up, down, and right. Feel free to use these moves to reload your page. 


With this powerful add-on, you can increase the security and privacy of Firefox. You can get the advantage of trackers and blocks, remove clutters from web pages, and increase the speed of your web browsing. After installing this add-on, you can increase the speed of browsing on the cheap discount tablet pcThe extension will always be in action to load a new page, you can see a small circle in the bottom corner with some trackers