If you need a device to stream videos on YouTube, get the advantage of cheap prices on tablet PCsWith a tablet, you can make your browsing and video streaming easy. Fortunately, you can get the benefit of the other services of YouTube, such as YouTube Music and YouTube Premium. Here are some important points to using this platform on your tablet.

Use Desktop Mode in Android

If you want to play YouTube in the background easily, make sure to download the desktop version of this platform. Feel free to download the Chrome browser on a tablet pc for this purpose. Here are some easy steps for your convenience:

Search a video that you are interested in playing. After finding the video, you have to load it, than click on three vertical dots in the right corner of the screen and choose the Desktop site.

After refreshing the site, hit the “Start button” to play a video. Switch your apps and put your screen to dark. The video will halt.

Swipe down to access the “Control Center” and find a video in the settings. Hit Play.

Switch a new app or turn off your tablet screen, and it will start playing your favorite content.

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Picture-in-Picture View for YouTube Videos to Play in Background

It is a suitable use for Android cheap prices tablet pc for multitasking. PiP (Picture-in-Picture) is an feature for Android Oreo 8.0 and a later operating system. This option is great for videos with music content. Before using this option, you have downloaded the latest version of YouTube. See these steps to use PiP to play videos in the background YouTube.

  • Turn on picture-in-picture from Settings on your tablet or smartphone.
  • Click on apps.
  • Scroll down to search YouTube app and click on YouTube. You can find an option for PIP in the background.

If you want to enable PiP, play a video within this app and hit “home button”. The video will appear in a small window on the screen. Use your finger to move this window around. The video may continue to play even after opening a new app on your cheap tablet pc.

Alternative Browser for an iOS

For iOS devices, PiP option is not available without a YouTube subscription. Fortunately, you can play YouTube videos in its background on your tablet. Make sure to use a different browser, such as Dolphin or Opera. See these options to follow.

Download Opera or Dolphin for iOS.

Search for the desired video that you want to play on YouTube in this browser.Make sure to have the latest YouTube version at your cheap prices tablet pcPlay your favorite video and switch to another app. Feel free to put your screen in sleep mode, the video may stop. You can find a music player by swiping on the screen. Find a video with its title and press play.