Google optimizes Chrome with meaningful customization and tab organization. Chrome users can get the advantage of two solutions for 7 inch tablet and other devices. For Chrome users, the management of tabs becomes a breeze. You can manage even 50 tabs at a time. Google is planning to make things easy. 

You will be able to get a preview on tabs by hovering over each tab quickly. The browser can manage these things in a better way. With these improvements, Chrome users will make their work easy. Google promises support of a thumbnail of the tablets.

Tweaks in Address Bar

Moreover, Google is looking to tweak the address bar of Chrome to show faster results. It will be possible for you to get instant answers for translations, sports events, weather, and other queries. An advanced tool will help the users of 7 inch tablet and other devices to change the color of their browser. There is no need to install new themes from the web store of Chrome.

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Extensions to Manage Tabs

A chrome user can get the advantage of third-party extensions. Make sure to use the best extensions to manage tabs. Here are some excellent options.

Great Suspender

If you want a super-fast and lightweight browser, Chrome is becoming the best option for you. Fortunately, you can get the advantage of numerous extensions with an ecosystem of Google. A tab junkie may need the Great Suspender. With this open-source app, you can set a period for each tab.


Tabli can manage tabs in your browser window. In the presence of several work-themed tabs, it will help you to hop between different tabs. Tabli may become an excellent method to increase your productivity. It allows you to enjoy usual features, such as restore and save. It can be an excellent choice for 7 inch tablet

Tabs Outliner

Do you want to increase your productivity? Get the advantage of this extension. Once you open a new tab, it will automatically nest under an old tab. Feel free to drag tabs between trees and include notes.

Feel free to keep tabs closed, but under a tree. In this situation, you can quickly revisit them. It can be a perfect choice to free up memory of your browser in 7 inch tablet.

Tab Hibernation

It is a memory-saving manager for tabs. You may find it easy and simple to use. Click the icon of extension in the right-hand upper corner and move your tabs into the hibernation style. If you want to reactivate a tab, navigate its window and hit wake up. The extension will remember your location on the screen.


Extra tabs in a 7 inch tablet can be troublesome; therefore, you can increase the ability of your browser. This extension can solve numerous issues, such as offer a thumbnail for each tab. Feel free to preview the content of tabs and quickly find a suitable extension.

Moreover, Quick Tab is another option to conquer the use of excessive tabs. A drop-down menu can make your life easy. Furthermore, a search function will help you to find the desired tab.