Multiple monitors are beneficial in different conditions. You can increase the versatility and productivity of your staff with these monitors. The experience of multiple monitors can’t be perfect in every condition. Sometimes, set up an extra monitor can create issues. If you are playing a game, it can affect the quality of your game. Here are some possible problems with multi-monitor set up in windows. See their solutions.

Windows 10 for Multiple Monitors

Data analyst, programmer, content creator, gamers and numerous other people need multiple monitors for multitasking. This set up can be productive for you once configured correctly. Windows 10 can be a good choice to set up four or even more monitors at a time without third-party software. For the best desktop experience, you must use Windows 10 in your tablet. 

For your convenience, here is a guide to configuring a setup with multiple monitors. You can connect them to an external display of a tablet or laptop

Set up issues

Arrange Necessary Cables

For a successful setup, you will need the necessary cables. These are connected to the computer and monitors. It includes video signal and connecting power with DVI, VGA, DisplayPort or HDMI cables. You will need special cables according to the model and make of your monitors.

Rearrange Multiple Displays 

Feel free to connect one monitor to available ports, but setting up two or three monitors need a particular order. You can easily plug them in the wrong order. These will work with issues related to mouse and app. To fix these errors, it is essential to arrange monitors correctly. Follow these steps to rearrange monitors:

  • Open Settings – System – Display.
  • Select the “Select & Rearrange Display” section. Drag and drop every display under this section to rearrange monitors as per a physical layout on the desktop. At the time of rearrangement, make sure to align monitors at the top perfectly.
  • Hit on Apply button. 

After these steps, it will be easy for Windows 10 to understand the physical layout of screens. Feel free to work across every display and run apps without any trouble. 

If you are not confirmed about the monitor, tap the “Identify” button and figure out the right monitor. Make sure that every monitor is connected correctly and receiving power. Tap on the detect button. In this case, if you have a problem, reset connections of a monitor and hit the “Detect” button again.

Windows 10 allows you to adjust the correct scale. In the Settings app, you will find everything to change the screen resolution, size of text and app and display.