Do you want to mute websites in Chrome browser? Google Chrome browser can help you to avoid video ads. You can get the advantage of different layers of manual and automated controls. Autoplaying videos can be blocked or play silently. You will get the option to mute these videos.

There is a change in the attitude of Google for autoplaying videos. The latest change is preventing these videos from playing overall. Chrome prepares a list of website where you have watched a video and activates autoplay on these sites. The videos of other sites are disabled by Chrome. You can customize the settings on your tablet.

Previously, Google was muting autoplayed videos. These videos are not mute now. Google focuses on media engagement threshold to decide if videos must be muted. You can get better control on websites and videos.

Using Chrome

Mute Websites in Chrome

If you have Chrome 64 or later browser, you can mute your entire websites. Update your Chrome if you have an old version. 

  • After updating your Chrome, open a website that has obnoxious videos (auto-playing).
  • Right-click on a tab playing audio and select “Mute Site”.
  • It will make every tab mute by default. To undo these changes, right-click on a tab and select “unmute site”.

There is no need to worry about videos because audio blasts will not annoy you. With this feature, you can mute all websites. For a windows tablet and other devices, you can get a shortcut to mute tabs quickly. Enable a chrome flag for this purpose. See these instructions.

  • In the address bar, type “Chrome://flags” in the address bar.
  • Use search box and search for #enable-tab-audio-muting.
  • It is time to switch to Tab audio muting UI control to enable and restart your Chrome.

After completing this setup, you can click on the speaker icon on a tab and mute this tab. It will not affect other tabs with a similar website.     

Updates of Chrome

Google is consistently updating Chrome to enhance the experience of users. The Chrome 64 is different than other versions because it can mute and block AdSense ads. You can block particular ads on the webpages. 

It is possible to block ads with a separate extension. Different ad blockers are available to save you from annoying ads. Moreover, these efforts are necessary to save your data because a user with limited data will get a significant hit. To block ads, feel free to use extensions in Chrome. Unfortunately, you can mute a website instead of blocking these videos.

Microsoft may offer this capability in the future. At this moment, some extensions are available in the Play Store of Google and windows store. You can get these free extensions and block lots of annoying things on a website.