New wireless charging supports of iPhone offer charging bases and wireless pads. The users of iPhones are XR, XS Max, XS to use wireless chargers from 3rd party manufacturers. A wireless charger can wear out the battery of your device at a faster rate as compared to a cable charger.

No doubt, iOS 13 Apple was a disastrous launch. It is full of security concerns and bugs. After three updates, it is a no-go area. Users of the iPhone are facing a new problem with their wireless charger. Apple is slashing the performance of 3rd party chargers (wireless) for iPhones running iOS 13. 

Several third-party wireless chargers can speed up charging, but it is dangerous for the battery. The iPhone 11 is running iOS 13 to charge wirelessly to almost 80% in 2 hours. After installing 13.1 iOS, you will achieve 55% of charge in a similar period.

The downgrade exists in 13.1.2 iOS because an explanation is not available from Apple. A vendor with a full complaint with Qi charging specs might see 7.5W charging. For the protection of customers, Apple is discovering this issue. The things are becoming complicated. The wireless charger must have full compliant with QI certification requirements. 

Apple fast charging rates are not matching with wireless charging Qi standards. For this reason, apple must not enforce any certification under the MFi Apple program. The prices for fast wireless charges are increasing for customers. 

Qi Issues

Apple is Silent

The silence of apple is a major concern. Apple is agreed to show lock screen warnings to the owners of iPhone 11, Pro, and Pro Max who damage their screens. They should not get these screens repaired at official partners of Apple. The company had locked down replacements of iPhone batteries in August. These things seem like a specific pattern. At this time, iPhone owners are avoiding iOS 13 for charging issues. 

Random Issues in Wireless Charging

Wireless charging may not offer a hassle-free and flawless experience. Some random issues are common for iPhone users. They often face troubles in the speed of charging. Slow charging, fast charging and off charging can be an issue. 

Among common issues, intermittent charging is another problem. The software-related factors can be responsible for these issues. Try some means to solve these issues. Sometimes, hardware damage is possible, such as incompatible charger, defective charger, lousy battery and other components. 

Troubleshoot Issues with iPhone XS

Make sure to use charging accessories with Qi certificate. Universal charging standards are available by WPC (Wireless Power Consortium). You may find different Qi-certified online chargers with different performance and functionality.

Connect your charger to a power source. Make sure to use a power adapter available with the charging accessories. Follow the recommendations of the manufacturer and put a charger on a level surface. After a few seconds, your iPhone will instigate wireless charging.