Nowadays, smart TV becomes a regular part of your house. Along with smart TV, you will have tablets, phones and other devices. All these things need special attention and care. Smart TVs are becoming sophisticated because of several handy features. You can buy smart TVs from different companies, such as Philips, TCL, Sony and other manufacturers. 

Do you know smart TVs can be a spy device at your house? It is an essential concern for people. They want to use this TV but don’t a spy at their home. A scandal involves Samba for accessing your viewing information. It is reported that Samba TV (a company) adds a Samba app that offers recommendations. It checks out connected devices to your Wi-Fi network.

Moreover, Samba can find out your streaming habits. They claim that they need this data for marketing purpose. 

Marketing Strategies

Numerous companies track watch history of their customers for marketing purpose. Remember, smart TV models of Samsung can capture voice commands and texts. Voice recognition features are not new in these devices. It can be normal behavior for companies, but it is unacceptable for consumers. 

You can speak personal words or share sensitive information. Third-party can capture this data, and it can be harmful to you. Moreover, these companies are not worried about you to encrypt this data. 

Smart TV’s

Turn off Smart Activities

If you are not happy with the smart interactivity, feel free to turn it off. These default spies can’t track your data. Here are some steps for Vizio:

  • Take remote of your TV and press menu button.
  • Choose settings
  • Highlight “Smart Interactivity”
  • With the right arrow, you can change settings to turn off.

After turning voice recognition off, you can avoid spying activities of these companies. These options may vary in each smart TV. For this purpose, read manual or check menu options with your remote. It will help you to turn off this spying. 

Don’t Trust on Manufacturer

The manufacturer claims that they respect the privacy of their customers and protect their data. Remember, you can’t trust them because these vendors can sell your data to third parties. If they care about you, they must not use network chops. Their protocols lack necessary security; therefore, you must turn off this spying as soon as possible.

Data leaks of Samsung are typical examples of their carelessness. They are sending unencrypted data to ports. Any hacker can crack this data and create a harmful situation for you. Make sure to use a protected system and the internet.