It is essential to transfer your valuable data to a safe place before selling your laptop. Feel free to transfer your data on Android tablet

Remember, your machine has lots of things; therefore, syncing will take lots of time. You have to follow a precautionary measure to protect your valuable information. Here are some essential things to do before selling your laptop.

Back up Data of Laptop

Before selling your laptop, you have to back up your data and store it on an external hard drive. Make copies of your personal files to keep as a backup. 

Fortunately, cloud services are beneficial to carry your data. You can access this data from a new computer. Some built-in or third-party solutions may help you to create data backup.


De-authorize Software

Remember, anti-piracy campaigns are standard in the world of software. Now software manufacturers are receiving money for their services. If you have purchased some programs for your computer, you have to deactivate these programs. Applications that come with DRM (digital rights management) technology lock themselves on your laptop (a device on which they are installed). 

For your convenience, check all software programs to deactivate them and transfer their licenses to your new device. This process will be foolproof and secure by checking the list of programs to carry forward on a new machine. Carefully check all programs before deactivating and transferring them. 

Information about Laptop

Once you list a laptop for online sale, people will ask for particular details about its features. For this reason, you must have valuable information on your laptop. Note down the brand of laptop, details of a model number, processor name, operating system, screen size and capacity of RAM. See these steps to get this information:

  • Go to “Start Menu” on the lower corner of the screen.
  • Choose a computer (My Computer in a few systems) and tap on properties of the system.

You will get the answer to all your questions. For your convenience, you can get a print out to keep this information handy.

Clean Your Hard Disk

It is an important thing to do before selling your laptop. Physically delete all files and wipe your hard disk to clean everything. It will help you to remove data and licensed software from your device. Moreover, delete the storage of your device permanently. You must not leave traces of data because a new user can retrieve it.

 Feel free to use software to wipe your hard disk. This process will overwrite an entire hard disk many times. It is an excellent way to format your laptop. After this process, it will be impossible to retrieve your data.