You can easily turn off annoying features of Android. No doubt, Android has numerous exciting features, but you may find lots of useless features. These features can affect the speed of your phone. See the details of these annoying features.

App Localization

Battery consumption becomes an essential problem for Android users. Numerous apps and features can drain your battery at a faster rate. Your phone may have an app to access your location. This app needs GPS and increases the power consumption of your battery. Feel free to change the setting of each app on your phone. In this way, you can increase the battery lifeSee these instructions:

  • Access the settings of your device
  • Search for the location in the submenu (you may find it in the privacy and security menu)

You can control the location permission of your apps through the localization app. Remember, Android 10 allows you to get added advantage because you can give or restrict access to a specific app every time. You can reject it or provide access to the app. See these steps. 

  • Open “Settings menu”.
  • Tap on “Location-based” services.
  • Choose an app to manage its authorization.
  • Tap on permission.
  • And choose the option as per your needs.
Turning off features

Don’t Add New Apps to Home Screen

Once you install an app, the play store will send its shortcut automatically to your home screen. You may find this feature useful for Facebook and WhatsApp. For other apps, this feature can be annoying. 

  • Open your play store
  • Go to settings by hitting three horizontal lines at the top
  • Uncheck “Add icon” to the home screen.

If you are unable to see this option in the Play Store, feel free to check launcher settings. It is possible to hold and press on empty points on the main screen and click on a gear icon. 

Disable Feedback on Display

Your phone vibrates every time you tap on the screen. It will help you to understand your registered inputs. Remember, this attempt can be frustrating because the vibration motor of your phone is noisy. It can drain your battery. 

  • Move to settings
  • Choose sound and vibration
  • Now tap on touch vibration to turn it off

You may find it with different names in your device. You can turn it off to save battery of your smartphone. It is possible to save battery life by setting a screen timeout. Feel free to set 15 seconds to 15 minutes or more to automatically turn off your screen. With this feature, you can save your battery.

After disabling these annoying features, you will be able to enjoy the best features of your device.