With the evolution of phone and tablets, it is possible to make your life easy. It is possible to connect your TV with a phone using USB. Smartphones offer multitasking capabilities. Feel free to hook up your phone to your TV. Here are some instructions to connect your phone to a TV using USB.

Why do you need a USB?

By hooking a phone to the TV with one hardwired connection, you can get the advantage of low-latency signals. Feel free to mirror phone to your television for gaming will require a USB connection instead of a wireless configuration. It can vastly decrease lag. 

Connect Tablets and Phones to TVs with USB

To connect a phone to your TV, use any of these methods:

  • SlimPort
  • MHL, i.e. a Mobile HD Link
  • Lightning cable (iPad and iPhone)
  • USB Cable

Your operating system and the device will help you to select a specific route. The procedure can be different for connecting an Android or iPhone device.

Moreover, connection methods may vary based on your needs. Viewing images on a compatible TV needs your mobile device and charging cable. Make sure to use a USB adapter for screen mirroring. 

TV with a phone

MHL to Connect Phone and TV

MHL (mobile high-definition link) is a common solution to connect a phone to a TV through a USB cable. With this technology, you will need a device compatible with MHL, such as tablets and smartphones, to connect projectors and televisions. 

To make a connection, you will need these things:

  • USB – HDMI MHL cable or adapter
  • MHL-enabled phone
  • Power cable
  • HDMI cable
  • HDMI input for Display
  • It is a general setup, but the instructions can be different for a specific device or cable. Make sure to buy a compatible tablet. 

For a TV connection via USB, hook up your android device through an MHL adapter. This adapter may need power from a USB port or any other external source. 

Connect your device to television with an MHL cable. Once completed, you must see the screen of your phone on TV. It is a plug-and-play system. The MHL is the best solution to connect your TV or Android phone with a USB cable.

Tablet and TV Connection

You can connect the TV with your tablet with a USB Cable. Feel free to use SlimPort or a compatible MHL. The procedure is similar to the TV and Phone. Remember, tablets and smartphones are compatible with SlimPort or MHL. Feel free to use an adapter for all devices.

It is possible to connect your TV or iPhone with a USB. Consider the model of your device to buy a compatible cable.