How to keep your laptop cool is the question of today! We have been receiving a lot of complaints from our readers telling us about their laptop heating up and dying out. People were also asking for WhatsApp messenger for tablets, so we thought of talking about both of these issues today. We would like you to read the article till the end so that you can get the complete guideline and information about why do laptops get heated and how we can treat them better. We can also get rid of this heating problem so stay tuned till the end!

The reasons why the system gets heated up!

First, we will look for the reasons that cause your laptop to heat. Laptop heating up is a common problem and has common issues that cause it with all of us! So let’s talk about the reasons and causes in detail. The first reason is that we use our laptops in our laps. When we use our laptops in laps it clogs the exhaust fan ducts which cause the laptop to heat. When we use the laptop on our sheets it causes the same issue plus what happens is that the laptop fan gets dirty. These two reasons are the core reasons that cause laptops to heat. The first one was to clog the exhaust and the second one was dirt in the exhaust, and both of them are caused by the same reason that we don’t use the laptops properly and in the manner we are using them we are damaging them to the excessive extent.

laptop cool

How to cool down and treat the laptop!

First of all, when you feel that your laptop is getting heated up you must turn it off at once and put it on a straight board. Laptops should always be used on a board or a table and not on your lap as it blocks the exhaust air. Secondly after using your laptop for one or two months you must take it to the mechanic and ask him to clean up the fan. This regular maintenance will help you get rid of this heating issue once and for all. So you see a little care can save yourself from loss and your laptop from heating.

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