Do you need a new tablet? Check cheap android tablet deals and save money on android and iOS devices. In iOS and macOS devices, you can do lots of things, such as record screen on macOS and iOS. If you want to record and capture the screen of iOS, iPod touch, or iPad, you can do it with QuickTime. It is a reliable solution for recording the screen of an iOS device for presentations, demos, tutorials, etc.

To capture videos of an iPad or iPhone with QuickTime, you must have a compatible USB cable. Make sure to update your operating system because it can create some security issues. The cheap android tablet deals may help you to buy a new slate for your sensitive data. See these instructions to record the screen of your iOS devices with QuickTime:

  • Connect the iPad, iPhone or any other device to Mac with your USB cable.
  • Launch this app (QuickTime Player) in Mac OS X (available in the folder or application).
  • Pull down a “File menu” and select “New Movie Recording”.
  • At the screen, hover your mouse on an active window to make volume and record control visible. You must tap on the small arrow (along with the red record button) to show the microphone and camera recording options. From a list, you will choose the name of connected iPhone for mic and camera.
  • Now touchscreen of your iPhone will turn into a movie recording screen. Normally unlock your iOS device and see the Mac screen ready to record. If you want to start recording, tap on the “Record Button” in red color.
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You may find this app for cheap android tablet deals in the Play Store of Google. If you want to stop recording, press a stop button in the top menu bar or hover a mouse on the video. Select “Stop button”.

Feel free to trim down this video with QuickTime. Make sure to save a recording of the screen by selecting this option from a file menu.

You can check .mov video file for your saved screen recording. Once you open this file, it will launch in QuickTime. Feel free to edit this video and convert it to a new video format. Upload it for online sharing or embed in your presentation. You can use this recording as per your needs.

It is possible to record audio from your iPhone directly. For this purpose, you have to select your iPhone as a microphone input source. Remember, some call recording and audio recording apps are available for cheap android tablet dealsThe microphone may record from the built-in mic of Macs. Modern devices can capture video in high resolution, such as 1080 x 1920. With built-in audio recording, QuickTime will help you to record audio sounds. To use all features of this app, you must have an updated version of iOS. Update your device to get high-quality videos of screen recording. New devices may have integrated solutions for audio recording. If you want a new device to secure your data, feel free to check cheap android tablet deals.