Once you buy android tablets wholesaleyou are ready to use its Google Assistant. It is widely available for android users to assist in search and other activities. Users often ignore the importance of this feature because they don’t know how to use this feature. Remember, Google Assistant can make it easy for you to search for different things.

It is an advanced method of Google for the new generation. There is no need to type longer links to websites. You can search a site with Google Assistant. With this assistant, it will be easy for you to complete different tasks.

Similar to Siri, Google Assistant is available in android phones to perform different tasks. Buy android tablets wholesaleactivate this assistant and interact with your device for different things. For instance, you can play music and set alarms. Feel free to ask general questions from this assistant. You may find it better than Siri because it can answer more questions than Siri.

Smart Methods to Use Google Assistant

Google Assistant can use its wider web to answer questions, but Siri may check a few available resources. You can ask educational questions from assistant, such as the height of Colbert or age of Stephen Colbert. No doubt, Siri is also becoming smarter to handle these questions. 

Google Assistant can combine search and task completion. For example, you can watch a movie and seamlessly book its ticket. Moreover, you can find different places to eat and make reservations with Google Assistant. This smart assistant is available in Pixel phones of Google. If you want to buy android tablets wholesalemake sure to check pixel phones.

Set Your Preferences

At the time of billing, this assistant will help you to choose a ShowTime and theater. Moreover, you can pick different options in restaurants at the time of booking. No doubt, Google Assistant can be more knowledgable than Siri. It can be a super-smart assistant in the future.

Where to get Google Assistant?

If you want to use Google Assistant, you have to buy Pixel phone of Google. In smartphones running Android 6 and 7, it is an exclusive addition. You will get this built-in assistant in your new device. If you are planning to buy android tablets wholesalemake sure to ensure the availability of this assistant in your device.

If you are using English on your phone in Canada, the UK, Australia and the USA, you can conveniently use this app. Moreover, German will be available for German speakers. Google also promised support for other languages and countries in the future.

Moreover, you may get this assistant on the latest android phones. If your device doesn’t allow you to download from Google Play Store, you can’t use this assistant. For instance, the Amazon Fire Tablet will not allow you to use this assistant.Remember, it is not an app to download because it is baked in Android 6 and Android 7 for Pixel phones. You may get it on your device in the future. Check this feature in available devices before you buy android tablets wholesale.