Want to know who has the cheapest tabletIf you need a device with your limited budget, you will find numerous budgeted options. On these tablets, you can download apps from the Google Play Store. Various remarkable apps are available in the store. Sometimes, you have to pay a prize to download premium apps. To save money on premium apps and in-app purchases, you have to earn free gift cards from Google. Remember, it is not easy to receive free gift cards from Google without these hacks.

Opinion Rewards

A reward-based program of Google allows you to get opinion rewards. You have to complete a short survey in a few minutes. The topics may include everything from hotel reviews to opinion polls to satisfaction surveys or merchant. 

To get a gift card without excessive efforts, get opinion rewards from Google. Remember, the website may pay you in different forms for honest online surveys.

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Swagbucks allows you to get free gift cards from Google play. You can get these rewards for watching exciting videos, surf the internet, shopping online and downloading apps. Make sure to find impressive deals by watching videos and search the web. 

It is possible to earn Swagbucks points by answering surveys, free activities and online shopping. You can earn enough points and encash them for commodities and real money. Feel free to redeem these points similar to PayPal, Google Play gift card, Walmart and E-gift card. 


Earn free Google play gift card with FeaturePoints. After signing up on this app, you have to make an account and download new games and apps. It will take almost one minute. Make sure to answer some questions and get a reward in the form of Amazon gift card, and Google play gift card, PayPal, etc. After sharing these points with friends, you can get 50% reward points.


You can get a free gift card with InstaGC. It is similar to Swagbucks and allows you to collect points. Feel free to cash these points after hitting 100 points for a gift. Sometimes, it is possible to earn a free Google gift card or gift card from amazon. You can earn gift cards by filling in surveys, shopping online, and watching videos.

Tap Cash Rewards

It is an excellent way to earn a gift card and money for free. It is a unique website that allows you to earn reward points after taking part in different activities. Feel free to watch videos, play games and become a part of entertaining activities. Try free games and apps, get rewarded with impressive gifts and use these cards to save money on premium apps.

You can send them to your friends as a digital gift.