Cache memory can be annoying in numerous cases because it can decrease the speed of your computer and tabletIn Windows operating system, you can clear cache memory without any trouble. If you want to remove cache memory of laptop, you can use these best software and tricks.

1. RAM Hogs: (Clear Low Hanging Fruits)

In the first step, you have to make sure that your system procedures are not consuming resources of your system. This problem may develop easily with time. If you install software frequently in your device, you will face this issue. 

 You can find its solution in a simple method. Check the procedures in task manager and evaluate problem applications. It can be difficult to recognize an app consuming extra RAM. See these steps:

  • Right-tap the “taskbar” of windows and choose “Task Manager”.
  • Tap on the “Procedure” tab.
  • Sort this procedure by memory and check the programs at the top of the list.

If you spot a problematic app, move into control panel – programs and features and immediately uninstall these applications.

windows 10 tablet

2. Clear Startup Programs

It is not easy to free up your RAM to resolve memory issues. Sometimes, you install software and forget about them. The embedded software may not consume maximum RAM regularly. For this reason, you may not see these programs at the top of the task manager. For this reason, you have to launch the list of programs that startup every time. These may have a significant contribution to chew away from your RAM.

  • Open “Task Manager” and tap on “Startup” tab.
  • Sort a list by “Startup Impact” field.
  • Identify useless apps.
  • Right-tap on the app and choose disable
  1. Disk Cleanup

You can clear the cache of windows 10 with the help of disk cleanup. See the normal procedure to use disk cleanup:

  • Tap “Start” and type “Disk Cleanup”.
  • See search results and click on “Disk Cleanup”.
  • Choose drive “C” and tap “OK”.
  • You have to checkbox along with “Temporary files”. Feel free to check other types of files as per your convenience 
  • Tap ok and wait for a few moments.

This process will help you to clear temporary files cache from disk.

4. Clear Cache Data for Each App

You can clear cache data of each app by exploring their settings. Choose an app to clear cache, tap on the info interface of the app and click on storage. It will help you to clear cache data with a tap.

5. Third-Party Apps

Android and Windows users can use third-party apps to clear cache data. If you want to clean the memory and storage of your device check the Play Store or app store to download an app. These apps can clear cache data and refresh your computer. It is an excellent way to enhance the battery life of your laptop.