After purchasing a laptop and a tablet, you have to learn how to troubleshoot. Numerous people think that laptops need expensive repair. They are wrong because you can solve these issues at home. See some common problems and their solutions.

Overheating Issues

Overheating may rob the performance of your laptop. As a result, you will face the system freezing and crashes. Each computer generates maximum heat, but laptops may overheat because of no ventilation. Lack of ventilation can be a huge issue for these small machines.

Moreover, extra dust may clog air vents. You may need a tablet to give some rest to your laptop daily. 

Clean vents of your laptop to avoid overheating. Make sure to use a keyboard cleaner or smooth cloth. To prevent clogging dust, put a piece of cloth on your installation vent. You should not put it on your exhaust vent. Sometimes, you have to update BIOS of your system. When updating BIOS, your laptop must be connected to the power supply.

Laptops and Tablets

Battery Dies Quickly

After regular use, the batteries (lithium-ion) may lose their hold to charge. A few batteries may last for small run time. In this situation, you have to replace your battery. Numerous brands charge higher prices for new batteries. 

Make sure to contact repair experts to get new batteries at an affordable rate. Replace batteries of your laptop once a year to keep it in the best shape. 

Bad Keyboard

They may get worse because of prolonged use. Sometimes, you spill water or hot drink on your keyboard. Keys may become worn out or dislodged. To avoid these issues, several laptop makers suggest you replace keyboards. Keyboard replacements are easily available on the market.

System Crash

Laptop users may panic when they fail to boot up. Their system crashes many times, and they left with no choice. Sometimes, the system crashes because of a hard drive issue. Evaluate your computer for hard drive issues. 

Connect the USB cable closures to an open port. If a system is regularly working, a hard drive will become an external drive. It will make data transfer easy from a drive to another. 

Malware or Viruses

Performance of your laptop can be compromised because of malware and viruses. If you want to prevent viruses in your laptop, install antivirus software. Make sure to use free Spybot or ad-aware tools. These tools can protect your computer from possible threats.