Overheating is a common issue in technological devices. Laptops and tablets are becoming compact and powerful than before. CPU is becoming power because of chips and densely packed transistors. Slimmer cases can support numerous stronger graphics and processors. You will be able to get a bigger screen with higher resolutions. These developments can be the reason for extra heat.

The primary threat of tablets and laptops is overheating. It may increase the chances of permanent damage or hardware failure. You have to learn how to fix and prevent an overheating laptop. Here are some tricks to improve the performance of your computer. 

Clean Fans of Laptop

Speedy fans may indicate that your computer is overheating. Insufficient cooling can be the main reason for overheating. You have to check if your fan is regularly working. A broken fan or clogged fan can’t work to keep your laptop cool. 

Open your machine to blow out the dust with compressed air. With a broken-down fan, you can’t run your laptop. Immediately check for a replacement. If you can’t open your laptop, contact a professional.

Laptops and Tablets

Use Cooling Pads

Lack of ventilation may cause overheating. For this reason, you have to evaluate your computer and put a cooling pad under your laptop. Numerous cooling mats are available to purchase online. Carefully evaluate different options before purchasing a cooling mat.

Lap Desk

If you want to provide sufficient ventilation, use a lap desk. It will provide adequate ventilation to your machine. The small feet of rubber on the base can provide good elevation to your machine. In this way, your laptop will get sufficient ventilation. 

By putting a laptop on your lap, you can restrict its airflow. It will increase the chances of overheating. A lap desk can keep your laptop cool. Feel free to buy an affordable desk for your lap.

Manage Speeds of Fan

Consistent airflow in laptop averts your fans from running at full speeds. If your fan is running at high speed, it can increase the work of your CPU. It is crucial to control the speed of the fan by installing a program SpeedFan for Windows. 

Avoid Intense Procedure

Overheating in a notebook may result in intense procedures. Keep your laptop cool by avoiding these procedures. For example, video flash and browsers will subject a CPU to work hard. The CPU may become hot and increase the speed of the fan.

Feel free to use a FlashBlock in the browser. These flash videos may need more battery and processing power. Keep your laptop at a safe place, such as a cool place. You must not keep it near heat. It can increase the chances of overheating issue. Heat can damage your battery and hard drive.